Saving for Retirement


Living for the moment has a lot to recommend it, but saving for the future does too.


It’s all about getting the right balance.


But where the balance lies can be a moving target, and there can never be any certainty over issues such as:


- How much income you will need when you retire?

- How long you will need it for?

- How much pension fund you will need to produce the income you need?


Since no one can be sure of the answer to any of the above, no one really knows how much they should put aside to make sure they can retire when they want to and with the amount they want.


However, with reasonable assumptions we can estimate this and then keep these under review as conditions change over time. We can also err on the side of caution, since winding up with too much in retirement is unlikely to cause the same problems as winding up with too little.


You should also make sure that whatever you are choosing to save towards your retirement is invested wisely, and:


- Properly reflects your time frame

- Is set at a figure which has a realistic chance of producing what you need

- Is reviewed to reflect changing economic and market conditions

- Is in a plan which gives good value for money based on your own set of            priorities.


All this we can help you with, giving you peace of mind that your retirement savings are being properly monitored and are sensibly structured.