Investment Committee


The investment committee comprises Kevin Bland, John Knott and Rob Carter, but is supported by several other specialist members of staff actively involved in our investment advice processes. It meets on a formal basis every quarter to discuss strategic issues but on an ad hoc basis, in whole or in part, as news flow and events dictate.

Our process is not linked to short term speculating on market movements since we consider this is the arena of gamblers rather than investors, but we do, of course, keep abreast of short term events. We monitor these and filter through the noise to find anything which might impact longer term outlook and help inform our investment decision making.



Kevin Bland
BSc (Hons) DipPFS
John Knott

Kevin Bland is the managing director of Atkins Bland Ltd. and has been a driving force behind the investment advice the company has given for over 30 years. He focusses on the “big picture” element of asset allocation, assessing global economic events and outlook and seeking out the best asset allocation strategies to reflect these. More information about Kevin can be found here.

John Knott is a director of Atkins Bland Ltd. and has a wealth of knowledge about investments and how to manage them, bringing his deeply intelligent, holistic and free thinking approach to the committee table. More information about John can be found here.

Jamie Sorbie
DipPFS BSc (Hons)

Jamie joined Atkins Bland in the summer of 2016 after graduating from the University of Reading with a first class degree in Mathematics. After an initial period working as a member of our Portfolio Review Team, a combination of Jamie’s skills and interests showed him as ideal for the role of Investment Analyst, a position which he has occupied since February 2019. More information about Jamie can be found here.