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Our Fees

We enjoy what we do but operating an Independent Financial Adviser business is costly. We do need to charge for our time and expertise so that we can cover these costs and pay all those working for the firm.

How we are paid for what we do

To keep life easy for our clients, and everything clear and transparent, we offer a straightforward payment option for the core areas of our work, as set out in the below document which is available to download.


However, and importantly, we do not charge a fee for an initial meeting or discussion and not for any of the follow up work prior to registering you as a client of the firm.

No fees will arise until you have agreed what they will be and what services we will provide in exchange for them.

We are happy to carry out all of the below work at our own expense, allowing you an opportunity to assess if what we do is suited to you without any cost.

  • An initial discussion to explain what we do and gather information on your circumstances, objectives, aspirations and requirements.

  • A written overview of your circumstances identifying any areas we feel your advice may be helpful.

  • All subsequent work needed to establish exactly what services are best suited to you and whether or not they are well aligned with those we provide.

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