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Inheritance Tax Planning

After a lifetime of saving, owning a property and accumulating wealth, it’s important to consider the potential Inheritance Tax (IHT) complications in the event of death.


Most people would agree there are probably more worthy recipients of part of your estate than HM Revenue and Customs.   


Perhaps in time, this general view will have an impact on government thinking and death duties will be scrapped, as they have been in many countries already.


Until then, it is wise to assume they will remain with us and sensible to consider any options which might reduce their impact.


However, there’s little point protecting your assets if it means you can’t enjoy them if you might want to. Treading carefully is much better than leaping in the deep end.


At Atkins Bland we focus on providing sensible, holistic advice, helping you mitigate IHT liabilities where practical to do so.


We recognise the importance of estate planning as well as the importance of enjoying resources yourself.


Unlike some, we do not treat the avoidance of IHT as the holy grail of financial planning or encourage our clients to tie themselves in knots with complex arrangements, high costs and potentially poor actual outcomes. 


The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Tax or Estate Planning.

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