Covid-19 Operational Update 26/11/2021

Atkins Bland recognises the fundamental importance of offering both the safest viable options and the availability of face to face meetings to reflect individual preferences at this very difficult time.

Following the easing of restrictions, we have, therefore, reopened our offices to all staff who wish to work from our premises rather than from their homes, but continue to facilitate and support working from home for all happy and able to do so.

Given the ongoing risks posed by Coronavirus we encourage clients to avoid the added risks of physical meetings and offer the safer alternatives of a Microsoft Teams video based meeting or, of course, a telephone call. However, we are able to accommodate the wishes of any client who prefers a physical meeting with one of our advisers or, if suitable, another member of staff.

We do, though, ask that these are only by prior appointment and cannot offer office based meetings with all our advisers as some continue to work purely from their homes.

If you would like to arrange a meeting at our offices, please be aware that neither Atkins Bland nor anyone employed by Atkins Bland can accept any liability for the contagion risks associated with this.

Alternatively, if you would rather avoid the extra risks then please rest assured that we are very confident that we are able to provide all our services without the need for a physical meeting, so it really is a question of personal choice.

With best wishes from all of us at Atkins Bland