Covid-19 Operational Update - 29/06/20

Following our Covid-19 operational update in March, published when lockdown started, we have kept our strategy under review as Government guidance has changed over the weeks.

Until now we have not felt it appropriate to make any significant adjustment to our approach of all staff working from home, reflecting the guidance to ‘work from home where possible’.

The exception has been to facilitate one member of staff working from our offices, ensuring social distancing can be achieved.

We have now revised this and, from 4th July, while our advice to staff is to work from home if they can, we now allow more than one person to work from the office if they wish, provided they can remain isolated from others in separate areas.

In addition to trying to ensure distancing protocols are maintained for anyone using our office premises, we are also taking the action to try to keep the environment sanitised to reduce contagion risk.

Most staff continue to work from their homes, and to conduct meetings remotely, which we have found entirely viable based on client feedback.

However, now our offices are being used again, to a limited extent, we are able to facilitate a limited number of client meetings with some of our advisers, by prior appointment.

While we have taken steps to try to maintain proper distancing within our offices and the cleanliness of surfaces, please note that anyone choosing to enter the premises does so at their own risk. Neither Atkins Bland nor anyone employed by Atkins Bland can accept any liability for the contagion risks someone takes by entering these.

With best wishes from all of us at Atkins Bland.

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