Our Portfolio Review Team



The portfolio review team is a specialised team working with all our advisers to generate investment reports and reviews for our clients. These provide bespoke analysis on how their investment portfolios have performed and, if applicable, recommendations to update strategies to reflect changing conditions. The team work with comprehensive in house analysis resources, under the guidance of Kevin Bland and Robert Carter, designed to help optimise investment results with very specific reference to the individual

clients objectives and needs.




Portfolio administrator
Portfolio administrator & HR assistant

Jackie has been with Atkins Bland since 2007. Since then, she has been directly involved in generating client portfolio reviews and analysing performance over time. Beyond this, Jackie also provides support to the portfolio review team by scheduling the  work-load and by contacting clients to deliver reviews. Jackie is also responsible for contacting clients to remind them when we haven't had a response to help ensure our advice remains relevant and of the highest standard.

Nicky is a stalwart of the firm, having joined us back in 2002.


In her own words:


"I have watched the business grow, and seen how the financial sector has changed as a result of new regulations and technology. This has led to the portfolio review team (originally me as the sole member!) expanding and allowed efficient and effective monitoring of clients' finances."

Portfolio administrator
Technical assistant and portfolio administrator

In his own words:

"Since joining Atkins Bland in March 2018, I’ve  gained experience within the financial sector and continue to expand my knowledge in the industry. As part of the portfolio review team, I help with the preparation, drafting and sending of our clients' investment reviews."

Olly started his career at Atkins Bland in June 2013 after finishing university.


In his own words:


"Despite this being my only experience of the financial sector, I was quickly taught the inner workings of the industry and was provided with all the tools I need to progress in the financial sector. I work mainly as part of the portfolio review team, but also work with Kevin and Robert to assist in any technical tasks that need doing."

Olly has a Psychology degree from Plymouth University and brings to the firm a skill set which would be hard to replicate, helping us in a range of areas including drafting our guides for clients, keeping up with technological developments and designing system improvements.

Investment Analyst

Jamie joined Atkins Bland in the summer of 2016 after graduating from the University of Reading with a first class degree in Mathematics. After an initial period working as a member of our Portfolio Review Team, a combination of Jamie’s skills and interests showed him as ideal for the role of Investment Analyst, a position which he has occupied since February 2019.


In this role Jamie sits on our investment committee and is actively engaged in our in-house investment research, including meeting with fund managers, analysing fund strategies and comparing peer groups to sort the wheat from the chaff.


He also remains a member of our Portfolio Review Team, assisting with the preparation, drafting and delivery of our clients’ ongoing investment reviews.


Jamie is currently studying for his Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning, with the aim of becoming a fully qualified financial adviser.


Outside of work, Jamie is an avid follower of sport, in particularly Manchester United FC and the England Cricket Team.

Portfolio administrator

Di joined Atkins Bland in December 2019, having not worked in the industry for some years.  She is enjoying the challenge of working within the Portfolio Review Team and is expanding her experience and knowledge on a daily basis.

Portfolio administrator

Hannah works part time assisting in a variety of ways, helping to ensure our records are up to date and all is running smoothly in the archives of the firm, as well as assisting as and when needed with typing, client and product provider communications.