Guides on investment - our guides that cover more general investment topics


This guide gives an overview of what a performance benchmark is, which ones we use at Atkins Bland, and why these can be useful.

Our Fund Selection & Portfolio Construct

This guide explains the methodology we use to construct our clients' bespoke investment portfolios to help achieve their financial goals.

Generating Investment Income From Natura

This guide describes how an investor might generate an income from their investment portfolio.

Investment Income Yields - Jan 21.PNG

This guide details the expected level of investment yields an investor might expect to achieve from funds in the various investment sectors.

Investing for Income - Aug 20.PNG

This guide describes how and why an investor might want to consider an investment strategy that is focused on income generation.

Guide to Investment Risk - May 21.PNG

This guide explains what investment risk is and the different levels of risk, how these are defined, and why an investor might want to expose their portfolios to more or less risk.

Guide to ISAs - Apr 20.PNG

This guide explains what an Individual Savings Account (ISA) is and how it can be effectively utilised as part of an investor's investment strategy.

Guide to Investment Vehicles - Apr 21.PN

This guide provides a summary of the features of retail investment products commonly used over the medium to long term in the stock & bond markets, commercial property, and related areas.

Our Assumptions for Future Investment Va

This guide provides a brief overview of what to consider when determining your financial goals for the future.

Socially Responsible Investment - Feb 21

This guide explores the different types of Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) and how investors can incorporate this into their own investment strategy.

Portfolio Construction - Multi asset man

This guide looks into the two major fund investment strategies available to investors and when they might be appropriate.

Future Yield Compression - Jan 2020.PNG

This guide looks at the additional uncertainties associated with trying to estimate how much income might be available from capital not yet available but expected to be so in the future.

The EIS, SEIS and VCTs - May 21.PNG

This guide is dedicated to the less well-known government initiatives designed to encourage investment through generous tax incentives

Guide to Wraps and Platforms - Apr 21.PNG

This guide is a primer on wraps and platforms, which have become a central part of modern portfolio management.

Guides on pensions - our guides that cover more specific issues around pensions and retirement

Selecting a pension plan.PNG

This guide gives an overview of the different types of pension available to investors.

Sustainable Income & Capital Drawdown in

This guide discusses what to consider when income generation during retirement is a priority, and the options available to investors that require this.

Taking pension benefits.PNG

This guide discusses what an investor might need to know with regards to how and when they can take benefits from the pension.

Our pension transfer advice - Jan 21.PNG

This guide details how we give advice when an investor wishes to transfer their Defined Benefit pension.

Guides on other important topics - such as inheritance tax and life and health insurance.

Estate and Inheritance Tax Planning - June 2020.PNG

This guide is intended to arm you with the main information you need to make properly informed decisions on your journey to deciding what you should do and when you should do it with regards to inheritance tax.

Life & Health Insurance - Nov 20.PNG

This guide looks at reasons you might want life and health insurance, and what benefits these could provide in the event they are required.

Guides on payments and services - outlining the costs of investments and the services we provide.

Investment cost, flexibility and service levels - Aug 2020.PNG

This guide summarises the key issues Atkins Bland takes into account before reaching a conclusion on the investment strategy we recommend.

The cost of our services - July 19.PNG

This guide outlines the services we provide and how we charge for these.

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Guide to Forecasting Future Retirement I

This guide gives an overview of how income can be generated during retirement, from a variety of sources.