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Guide to Wraps and Platforms - Apr 21.PNG

Nothing to do with fast food or train travel here. This guide explains how these portfolio administration services operate and our approach to selecting the best in class.

Socially Responsible Investment - Feb 21.PNG

If you are keen for your investment strategy to be supporting good stuff, or avoiding things generally considered not so good, this guide explores the options available, in broad terms.

Guides on investment risk

Guide to Investment Risk - May 21.PNG

Risk is an emotive word. It is rational that we all want to avoid it whenever we can. However, when it goes hand in hand with potential reward, a dilemma arises. This guide looks at the points to consider, helping you decide what level of investment “risk” is most suited to you, and what that might mean in terms of your future investment experiences.

Risks of Static Risk Classifications - June 19.PNG

The financial services industry has a history of treating the risk attached to a specific type of asset as remaining the same regardless of a whole range of variable factors which change over time. We believe this is flawed, and this guide seeks to explain why.

Future Yield Compression - Jan 2020.PNG

It might be jargon, but it actually says what it means. “Yield” in this context is the income from capital, expressed as a %. “Compression” is a reduction in volume. So this guide is all about the added risks to financial planning of income yields from capital being lower in the future than they are now, and the reason that may happen due to market values rising.

Guides on retirement planning

Saving for retirement.PNG

Accumulating resources for eventual retirement is probably the most fundamental part of most people’s pre-retirement financial planning. This guide looks at the various ways capital can be accumulated and discusses the pros and cons of these.

Our Assumptions for Future Investment Va

We all wish we could predict the future, but the reality is that we can’t. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t at least try to get some idea of what our capital may be worth in the years ahead, to help us plan ahead. This guide explains our own approach to this fundamental part of financial planning.

Selecting a pension plan.PNG

If you are saving for retirement using a pension plan, you will have some choices to face. This guide looks at the different types of pensions available.

Taking pension benefits.PNG

“Pension freedoms” have expanded the choices available to those with an invested pension fund, while tax changes have created new challenges in terms of protecting assets from the clutches of HM Treasury. This guide explains the choices and issues to consider when facing one of the biggest financial decisions most of us will ever make.

Our pension transfer advice - Jan 21.PNG

This is, quite rightly, one of the most regulated areas of financial advice, and one with a history of poor outcomes for the unwary. The starting point is that since most people are best to keep their Defined Benefit pensions where they are, rather than add in the risks associated with a transfer.

While regulatory and other pressures have caused most advisers to discontinue offering services in this area, Atkins Bland has decided that denying our clients access to our advice on this highly complex issue would not sit well with our ethics and values. However, those wanting to embark on DB transfer advice with us will find it a lengthy process, and this guide explains how it works.

If you are keen for your investment strategy to be supporting good stuff, or avoiding things generally considered not so good, this guide explores the options available, in broad terms.

Guide to Forecasting Future Retirement I

Predicting future retirement income is a fundamental aspect of pre-retirement financial planning. However, where it will be coming from invested assets it is impossible to do with any confidence, as there are too many unknown variables. This guide gives an overview of our approach to this eternal conundrum.

Sustainable Income & Capital Drawdown in

Most of us prefer to only spend the income capital provides, and not the capital itself. However, some want to, or need to, spend capital too. This guide considers the conundrum of how much can be taken from a capital asset without risking it running out. 

Guides on investment topics

Investing for Income - Aug 20.PNG

Come retirement, many people will fund they want some income from their invested assets. This guide looks at the various ways this can be achieved and the pros and cons of the broad choices.

Generating Investment Income From Natura

The past domination of life insurance companies in the field of financial advice, and especially pension advice, resulted in many people taking “income” from capital by selling investments, because the investment themselves were not structured to distribute any. This adds a good deal of risk. Modern investment solutions make it easy to avoid this and this guide explains why we think most people should.

Investment Income Yields - Jan 21.PNG

The income generated from different types of investment varies over time, and this guide gives the typical range currently available from the main sources available.

Our Fund Selection & Portfolio Construct

Ask 10 investment advisers exactly how you should invest your money and you will probably get 10 different answers. This guide explains the process and methodology we use to support our bespoke approach to our asset allocation advice.

Portfolio Construction - Multi asset man

There are lots of ways an investment portfolio can be managed, with a core variable being who is doing what. This guide looks at this subject in terms of how much involvement you and your adviser have in the asset allocation strategy.

Guide to Investment Vehicles - Apr 21.PN

Should you invest in open ended collective investments (such as “unit trusts” or OEICs), insurance bonds, investment trusts, or any of the other options out there, and what are the differences between them? This guide helps you understand your choices and the pros and cons of each.

Guide to ISAs - Apr 20.PNG

What is an ISA, why would you want one and which type is best? This guide seeks to answer these questions.


Benchmarks are a helpful way to assess how well your portfolio is performing against the average, but obsession with them can make outperforming unlikely. This guide looks at this subject, explains which ones we use and how we treat them in terms of our asset allocation advice.

EIS, SEIS and VCTs - May 21.PNG

These initials belong to investments at the more esoteric end of tax planning. This guide explains what they are, what the tax benefits can be and what the potential downsides are in exchange for those tax breaks.

Guides on other topics

Estate and Inheritance Tax Planning - June 2020.PNG

In 1789 Ben Franklin wrote his famous words “In this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes”. For an increasing number of UK residents, the first of these creates a final tranche of the second. This guide summarises the rules and some possible planning options to help mitigate the impact of Inheritance Tax

Life & Health Insurance - Nov 20.PNG

Protecting ourselves from the impact of ill health and our dependents from the financial consequences of our untimely death is a fundamental area of financial planning. This guide looks at reasons you might want life and health insurance, what benefits are available and the types of policies that can be used to provide these.

Guides on fees and services

Investment cost, flexibility and service levels - Aug 2020.PNG

The financial world has a long history of making a complex world ever more impenetrable. This guide seeks to deconstruct the world of investment planning by looking at the three core elements (fund management, advice, and administration) and how they interact with each other.

The cost of our services - July 19.PNG

Knowing what you will pay an IFA for the services they provide, and assessing if this is good value for money, is an essential part of the process of selecting an adviser. This guide sets out what we offer.

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