Other services

We don’t only deal with investments, pensions and tax planning. There are other things we are good at too.


Here are some of them


Protection Planning and Health Insurance


We are not big on life insurance if it isn’t needed, but if it is, we’ll say so.


The same goes with health insurance, especially the type that replaces income during long term disability.


The key is to make sure you are aware of any risks you are taking with your financial security and to offer you advice on how to reduce these.


We feel this is important. Many in Britain think the state will provide if the need is there. However, this isn’t always true, and may become even less so in the future.


Insuring for risks you can cope with isn’t our game, but helping you address those you may not be able to, is. That, we think, is where insurance is a good idea, rather than a money spinner for an insurance company.




Mortgage Planning


We are not generally in favour of the popular trend of borrowing money just to get stuff quicker, and tend to discourage that. But a mortgage is different. Most of us really do need to have one at some point unless we plan to rent forever, which is seldom a good plan.


And most of us will have a mortgage for more than half of our working lives.


What we pay will pivot on several points, but a core issue is deciding whether to fix your rate or take the extra risks of a variable rate.


Getting the choice wrong can be costly.


Atkins Bland is very well placed to help you assess what suits you best.

Business Planning


If you have a business you are probably so busy running it you have little time for some of the financial planning issues you should be looking at.


A classic example is holding longer term capital, year in year out, but placing it in a bank account getting little or no interest. Why not consider investing this capital so it can grow?


Another important area is taking proper advantage of pension planning options.


Then there is succession planning and insuring key personal.


Whether you are a sole trader, a partnership or a limited company, speaking to us may open up some ideas you simply haven’t had time to think about before.



Long term care

Finding the money to fund long term care fees can be a very daunting prospect, bearing in mind the substantial cost.


Discussing the matter with someone who has the experience of navigating through the options could take a load off your mind, but the sooner you act the wider the options are likely to be.


Atkins Bland have been active in the area of care fees provision for many years and have the necessary qualifications and permissions to advise on funding the cost from capital, equity release or through the purchase of a tax efficient annuity.


Sometimes the amount of available capital will restrict the options and assistance from the local authority may become inevitable.  Knowing how the means testing works and which assets may be exempt is essential.