Affordable financial planning for the under 40’s

At Atkins Bland we are concerned by the challenges facing today’s young people. The high cost of housing, the cost of education and the withdrawal of traditional “defined benefit” pension schemes has made the need for young people to save for their future all the more pressing.


Sadly, large scale changes in regulation has made the cost of providing financial advice so high that only those with (often significant) existing assets are able to access it. This industry-wide problem has been labeled “the advice gap” and particularly affects young people in the process of building their assets.


We have been watching these developments with dismay. If people do not have access to good financial advice, many will not take the action they should, saving some of their resources for the future and ensuring they have enough protection in place to avoid financial disaster for their family in the event of ill health or death.


We have, therefore, decided to take a proactive stance to encourage the younger generations to save and plan for their future.


We are doing this by offering an initial consultation and overview report free of any charge or obligation.


Therefore, any young person unsure if they are doing all they should be to plan their financial future has an opportunity to find out, discuss any concerns and get some general guidance with no cost to them beyond a bit of their time.


If you decide you could benefit from appointing a financial adviser to put together a detailed plan and provide ongoing advice and support, we are here to help.

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