Areas of Tax Planning


Tax planning is important. Here are some examples of where we can help:


Income Tax Planning

By dividing tax on income into Income Tax and National Insurance, the government has been highly successful in disguising the true rate of taxation in the UK.


In a nutshell, it’s high, very high, so running investment and financial planning strategies which legitimately avoid paying more than necessary is wise.


We do not advocate complex and potentially “toxic” tax avoidance activities since we consider these run a high risk of failure given the wide powers of HM Revenue and Customs, and are often of dubious ethical status. However, using accepted and easily accessible ways to reduce or avoid the tax you pay makes perfect sense.


At Atkins Bland, we have the expertise to help you make sure you take advantage of the legitimate opportunities available to you to retain more of your hard earned money for yourself and your family, rather than handing it over to HM Treasury.


Unless you are very confident that you have a very good grip on the slippery issue of UK taxation, you should speak to an expert to check.



Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Planning


Men in grey suits have been flogging life insurance investments since dinosaurs walked the Earth, but those who have bought, seldom seem to understand how they are being taxed.


In fact lots of people seem to think they can take tax free withdrawals even though they can’t.


Why is that? And why do so many people pay CGT on their savings when they have such a generous tax free allowance?


Are you one of these people?


Get in touch if you think you may be.



Inheritance Tax Planning


We mention this under Estate Planning.

It’s a complex area surrounded by murky swampland, with plenty of opportunity to get your financial freedom bogged down through complex strategies of dubious utility and with lots of dark places awaiting the unwary.


However, with sensible planning, it is often possible to avoid or reduce IHT liabilities without all the usual pitfalls.


To find out more and check if you should consider doing anything, just get in touch with Atkins Bland.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Tax or Estate Planning.