How it works


A financial plan provides a clear path which, if followed, enables successful completion of a financial journey. To design the plan, we will need to:


  1. Determine your starting point; including your current circumstances, financial resources, your capacity for and tolerance of investment risk.

   2. Draw up a wish list of your aspirations and goals – your destination.              For example:-​

        a. Retirement on the terms of your choice

        b. Your ideal home

        c. Enough income to support your desired lifestyle

        d. Protecting yourself, partner and child against financial misfortune​​

    3. Turn your wish list into clear financial objectives.


    4. Provide our recommendations for the most appropriate solutions,                 products and investment portfolio to reach your goals.


    5. Implement the advice and you start your journey.


    6. Continue to monitor your progress, making adjustments as necessary           to ensure you are on course to reach your destination, or, to change               course should you wish to.

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