Equity Release


Atkins Bland has been dealing with the various forms of equity release for over 25 years and we therefore have the experience and know-how to advise on this complex area.


So what is equity release and is it something to be scared of or a financial arrangement which can bring help to those who may need it?


Put simply, a homeowner exchanges some of the value in their home in return for some cash, which can be in a lump sum, instalments or a reserve that can be accessed when required.


Whether equity release is suitable for you depends not only on the long term financial implications but, crucially, how you will feel about releasing capital and this is where impartial advice from someone with the experience is essential.


Sometimes the release of a large sum is required but, more often than not, a comparatively small amount is required at the start and releasing only what is actually needed can avoid unnecessarily costly mistakes that will be regretted in the future.


As mentioned elsewhere, we are not connected to any providers or part of a network and the initial consultation is free of charge.  After the first meeting, you will have a good understanding of how equity release may help you and how it works.