Areas of Investment Planning


At Atkins Bland we are experts at helping you plan how to manage your investments to make them work for you. Below are some of the main areas of investment planning we can advise on to help make sure your future is bright.




If you need income from your capital, there are plenty of choices and plenty of dangers and there may well be a few questions that you need answers to. Such as:


- How much can you get from the money you have?

- Should you invest for interest, share dividends, or property rent?

- What about inflation?

- What about risk?

- What about tax?

- Is it safe to spend some of the capital too and, if you do, how long will it last?


Atkins Bland is very well versed in helping our clients answer these questions, and guiding them through the options and possible solutions.



Capital Growth


If you don’t need income, you probably want, at the very least, to see your money keep its real spending power against inflation and most of us would like to see it grow on top of this.


But of the thousands of ways can you try to make your money grow, which is best for you, and what are the catches?


There is no shortage of choice, but the company that shouts loudest may not be the one it is best to listen to.


Here are some questions we can help you grapple with:


- Should I invest in property, shares, bonds or deposits?

- Should I take any risk, and if so how much?

- What is the risk I really face with the investments I have?

- Are stocks and shares right for me or are they too risky?

- Are deposit accounts really safe or will inflation eat away at my money?

- How often should I review what I have invested in?

- Should I invest in something I hope will grow and go up in value or invest        for income but reinvest it?

- How much tax will I have to pay and how do I minimise this?


These are just some of the points to consider which we can help you explore and understand and just some of the questions we can help you answer.



Funding a planned or possible event


Part of our service at Atkins Bland is to help our clients identify:


- What they may need money for in the future

- When they may need it

- How much they may need

- How to plan for it being there.


The reasons can vary hugely, from a plan to buy a yacht and sail round the world (or a narrow boat and chug serenely round the country), to a need to pay off a mortgage.


Here are some examples of actual or possible needs for money in the future:


- To fund private education

- To help kids through university or onto the property ladder

- To repay a debt

- To produce income in retirement

- To fund care costs in old age.


There are many other examples but, whatever your circumstances, needs or dreams, it is wise to plan for both the known and, to the extent possible, the unknown.


At Atkins Bland we really can help you look under the bonnet of your financial planning to make sure everything is where it should be.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Tax or Estate Planning.