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Advice of the highest quality comes from understanding and knowledge

Investment Planning

Most of us work hard to build up our savings, but many of us do not have the time or expertise to look after these savings as well as could be achieved, so advice in this field can be pivotal to successful financial planning.

Retirement Planning

This is probably the area where most advice is required and allocating resources ahead of retirement, or generating income when retired, are usually the main focus of a client’s investment planning.

Estate Planning

Most people feel it is fundamentally wrong to levy tax when someone dies, taking another slice of a pie which has already been subjected to tax when it was accumulated. However, Inheritance Tax is with us and planning ahead can help reduce its impact and enable more of your assets to pass to loved ones rather than the tax man

Tax Planning

Sensible tax planning is an essential part of helping our clients to meet their financial goals and aspirations.

Business Planning

There are several areas of financial advice relevant to businesses, whether partnerships, sole traders or limited company.

Protection Planning

There is a tendency in Britain for people to think the state will provide if the need is there. However, this can often be an unrealistic view even now, and is likely to become even more unrealistic in the future.

About us

Atkins Bland has been providing highly professional, personal and fully independent investment and financial advice to those in the South West and beyond for over 25 years. We are proud of this heritage, and of the way we have stood apart from the sales driven mentality of the financial services sector and built our business on on-going servicing.

Our only reason for existence is to provide independent financial advice to our clients, and our success hinges on our doing this at the highest standard possible. Our website is designed to explain what we do and how we go about doing it, so you can decide if we might be the right choice for you.

This website is not intended to provide any advice, since we feel good advice must be fully personalised, and should only be given after all relevant factors have been considered.

If you feel, after you have looked around this site, that we might be right for you, then we would love to hear from you.

How we work


Main areas of advice

For those not yet close to retirement

The issues typically of importance and relevance to those under retirement age include protecting their own and their family’s financial security, buying a home, saving for a rainy day or special purchase, saving towards eventual retirement, funding children’s education, avoiding unnecessary taxation.

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Mortgages | Life Insurance | Income Protection | Critical Illness Insurance | Savings | School Fees Planning | Saving For Retirement | ISAs | Income Tax Planning | Buy To Let


For those at or approaching retirement

As you get very close to, or reach retirement, there are a number of key areas of your financial planning which you may need to review. These can include assessing the income you can expect against the amount you spend now and planning for any lifestyle changes you need to consider, researching how best to take benefits from a pension fund from the sometimes bewildering range of options available and reassessing how your capital is invested to reflect your changed objectives.

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Investments | Taking Pension Benefits | Annuities | Drawdown | ISAs | Buy To Let | Income Tax Planning | Capital Gains Tax Planning | Estate and Inheritance Tax Planning


For those already retired

If you are already retired then the areas you are most likely to need to keep under review are ensuring your investments are sensibly allocated to meet your objectives, ensuring you are not paying more tax than you need to, assessing your ability to fund possible long term care costs and planning your estate to mitigate an Inheritance Tax liability. You may also be interested in releasing capital from your property, through some form of equity release plan.

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Investments | Annuities | Drawdown | ISAs | Income Tax Planning | Capital Gains Tax Planning | Long Term Care Planning | Equity Release | Estate and Inheritance Tax Planning